It’s not unusual to see a pile of socks left behind by our clients after we do what we do. That’s normal behaviour at WEKYSO, where our business name is an abbreviation for ‘We Knock Your Socks Off’. (sometimes undies too!)

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We promised no hard sell - because we don’t like it too!

Be so good

they can't

ignore you.

- Steven Martin

Our aim is simple. To help businesses differentiate. so that they can be seen, be remembered and be chosen by their target clients. We like to simplify to amplify our design and what we do to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

The legacies

...we help to create.


The kind words that inspire us.

“It’s official I hate Ming! I hate him because he can articulate the virtues of my business better than I, I hate him because he understands my vision almost better than I. Yes, he is really passionate about me and my business and that’s why he is great at the above. Yes, the things I hate him for has really helped us develop a niche in our marketplace and grow our business substantially. But seriously how can one guy share so much, know so much and care so much. Please whatever you do don’t see him, enjoy the comfort and safety of staying within the box.” 


—  Kevin Euphemie


The digital side of things.



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