Do you have a Lazy website?


Some common website issues


‘Less is More and More is Less’ - The attention span of people is reduced to only a few seconds as we are living in a world full of distractions. We have to be mindful and choose the information that is MOST relevant and straight to the point to your customers.


Your website might be overly focused on telling people who you are and what you do and forgot to talk about who you meant to serve and how you help to solve their urgent desires and compelling needs.


Overused words put people off they have grown numb over the years and seeing so many of them..“ We have integrity, honesty, quality, professional, solutions...” blah, blah, blah.


Have you seen one that looks like they designed the website in the 70s or 80s? The Internet hasn’t even started yet those days but how can some ‘web designers’ (aka mother-in-law do it at a cheap rate) did such a ‘good job’ to put people off.


Overly clever design. Your prospects might be confused with what you offer and how you can offer them. What’s next? How can I use you? is it safe? Am I going to be suck into buying things I don’t need?


You see one you see all. The layout and images look like your competitor down the road. It’s a one size fits all website for your industry - oh no!

How you can improve conversion on your website

#1 Improve Like-ability 

Be mindful of people’s time and attention span. Stop bombarding them with loads of information and start talking about what’s important to your clients.

All else being equal people do business with people they like. Improve the overall website appeal by using the correct images and message.

#2 Be Clear with What you Offer

Stop wasting time, get to the point! Tell your prospects what problems you solve for them. Who are your ideal clients?

Drop a few calls to action (CTA) for your prospective clients to contact you. Remember to make it easy and avoid asking for their pet’s name, bank accounts, birthdays or a police record, etc...just kidding!

#1 Proof your Credibility 

Let others talk share their experience with you, your business, your product or service. Let social proofing do the job for you so that you don’t have to beat your chest and tell people how good you are.

There are approximately 10 more conversion techniques. Some will suit your business while some won’t make a difference...ask us.

How can we help

Our aim to improve the leads to your website and turn them into calls. To identify and develop compelling reasons to influence your target clients that they don’t have to do endless searching and engage with what you have to offer straight away. 

We understand that not all things are a one size fits all. Give us a call for a quick discussion - you will never know. Nothing change, then nothing change.

  • Understand your target market

  • Study their most compelling needs and desires

  • Position the most influential information

  • Encourage the target audience to act without fear

  • Test, measure, monitor and keep improving